What is a Calling?

Some think of a ‘calling’ as the moment when a preacher or evangelists ‘gets the call’ to full time ministry and I think it’s a fair use of the word, but there’s more to it than that.

We are all called.  

We’re called to serve, give, love.

You’re an incredibly unique individual.  You have a peculiar set of skills, gifts and talents that come together in such an interesting way.

Do you know what your calling is?

If someone asked you today, what you would like to do for a living if making a living were of no account, what would you say?

Would you write poetry to encourage others?

Would you care for lost kittens at the local shelter?

Would you be a friend to the homeless?

Would you garden all day and give the food to needy neighbors?

Would you paint run down houses?

When people retire from work, they often pursue interests that fulfill them personally and these interests may be completely removed from what they did to make a living for forty or fifty years.

When making an income is no longer an issue, we’ll usually do what we enjoy or act to fulfill a need that we see.

Have you ever considered that this is what our working years should be like?

Retirement isn’t a Biblical idea by the way.  It’s entirely man made.  

I believe if we are operating in our unique calling, we’ll do work that we enjoy, that fulfills us deeply and that utilizes the skills that God has given us.

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